Mineral complementary feed for young animals contains biologically active substances.

Composition: dicalcium phosphate, skimmed milk substitute, sugar, pollen, powdered nettle leave.

Analytical constituents: total sugar 32,2%, calcium 7,2%, phosphorus 5,1%, lysine 0,67%, methionine 0,14%, sodium 0%, magnesium 0%.

Nutritional additives: vitamins: C 5 g/kg; A (3a672a) 1000000 IU/kg; D3 (3a671) 25000 IU/kg; E 500 mg/kg.

Administer in case of wasting, anaemia, stress, great physical exhaustion, liver diseases and to increase sexual potency.

Urtilaks activates metabolism in young, growing animals and birds after infections and parasitic diseases, stress, diseases of digestive system. Hepatoprotective properties. The complex of biologically active substances in Urtilaks, supplemented with reduced sugars, proteins, calcium and phosphorus combination, activates metabolism particularly in young, growing animals and birds. The positive influence of the preparation on the metabolism is especially typical in case of growth depression. Stimulates hematopoiesis, normalizes activity of enzyme systems, as a result, the immunity against infections increases.

Add to feed daily: for dogs 3 – 10 g, piglets 5 – 10 g, calves 10 – 20 g, chickens 25 – 30 g/ kg of complete feed.