Mineral complementary feed for calves, piglets, chickens, dogs, cats contains biologically active substances for stimulation and stabilization of the metabolic processes.

Composition: skimmed milk substitute, pollen, monocalcium phosphate, sugar.

Nutritional additive: vitamin C 0,5%.

Analytical constituents: total sugar 35%, calcium 3,5%, phosphorus 4,6%, lysine 1,1%, methionine 0,23%, sodium 0%, magnesium 0%.

Stimulaks strengthens the organism of weakened animals, young animals, breeders. Stimulates the regeneration of body after infectious and parasitic diseases, stress, overload of nervous system, great physical exhaustion. Helps in case of anaemia, rachitis, bone fracture, impotence.

Add to feed daily: for dogs 3 – 10 g, cats 3 – 5 g, piglets 5 – 10 g, calves 10 – 20 g, chickens 25 – 50 g / kg of complete feed.