Solution of iodine organic complex (I-PVP) for cow udder and teat care. Apply also to cows and sows in cases of mastitis.

Composition: polyvinylpyrrolidone iodine complex (I-PVP), glycerine, polyethylene oxide, water.

Jodosan solution reduces number of environmental and pathogenic microorganisms on udder and teat skin, protects against the udder infection, increases the quality of milk (reduces the amount of microorganisms). Softens the skin, reduces pain and stimulates healing of small skin injuries.

Use. In case of mastitis before milking wash udder and teats with a napkin moistened in Jodosan solution, clean the skin and dry it. For skin care after milking spray the solution on teats or clean all teat and especially the tips with a napkin moistened in Jodosan solution. As a result the condition of teat skin improves, small injuries are being healed and soreness reduces. The contamination of milk with microorganisms and the number of somatic cells in the milk reduce. Treatment with the Jodosan solution is particularly necessary to limit the spread of latent and clinical mastitis in the herd.

There are no restrictions on the use of milk.