Jodosan McG gel – for cow udder and teat care.

Composition: polyvinylpyrrolidone iodine complex (I-PVP), glycerine, polyethylene oxide, methylcellulose, water.

Jodosan McG gel has antiseptic properties, reduces number of environmental and pathogenic microorganisms on udder and teat skin, protects against the udder infection, reduces number of bacteria and somatic cells in milk. Increases milk yield and milk quality. Softens the udder and teat skin, heals small tissue injuries and insect bites, reduces soreness. Decreases prevalence of the cause of mastitis (pathogenic microflora) in herd and reduces possibility of new infection.

Use. After milking use dipping method to cover teats with Jodosan McG gel. Product has good adhesive properties so prolonged contact with skin is provided, undesirable residue in milk are not formed. In case of health problems use the gel at least for 6 – 8 days in a row. Advisable in bad weather conditions (cold, rainy, windy or muddy weather).

There are no restrictions on the use of milk.