For skin care and protection, to heal minor damages, inflammation, insect bites; to reduce painful swelling and hematoma. For massage after intense physical load.

Composition: menthol, thymol, extract of aloe, burdock, yarrow, camomile, celandine, isopropyl alcohol, sea buckthorn oil, eucalyptus essential oil, glycerine, polyethylene glycol 400, carbomer, water.

Use. Apply the gel to horses, bovine, dogs and cats externally on the skin. Fitosano gel should be rubbed gently in the skin allowing its absorption in the tissue. A little sponge can be used. In cases of indications, application may be combined with a massage. After the application the skin should not be dried or washed. After application, animals should be given peace. The frequency of treatment depends on the aim of application, usually once a day for 10 to 15 days.

There are no restrictions on the use of milk.