Animal care product with pain reducing and warming effect.

Composition: menthol, camphor, extracts of eucalyptus leaves, cayenne pepper, yarrow, pine-buds, essential oils of rosemary and lavender, glycerine, polyethylene glycol 400, water and carbomer.

Use. In horses, the gel is applied externally in cases of muscle, tendon, tendon sheath, joints, nerve inflammations. The gel should be rubbed gently in the skin allowing its absorption in the tissue. A little sponge can be used. In cases of indications, application may be combined with a massage. After the application the skin should not be dried or washed. Limbs treated with Fitoduo gel are preferable to bandage warmly for some hours. Animals should provide peace. The frequency of treatment depends on the aim of application, usually once a day for 10 to 15 days.

Do not apply on the mucous membranes and open tissue damages. Do not apply in animals 10 days before slaughter. Do not apply in animals which are used for milk production.

In foals, apply with caution.