Ointment Ķepu fito vasks (Fito paw wax) for paw protection. It is hydrophobic, with good adhesive properties, is easy to apply. The ointment protects the pads and the skin between the toes from mechanical and thermal damage.

Composition: beeswax, marigold extract in rapeseed oil, precipitated and dried silicic acid.

Beeswax does not dissolve in water thus protects paws against negative effects of moisture.  The wax easily penetrates the upper layers of skin tissue thus protecting against dryness and the negative impact of the environment. Active substances of marigold extract promote healing and reduce inflammation.

Use. Thin layer of ointment has to be applied to the dog’s paws before the walk. After the walk dog’s paws should be washed with warm water thoroughly, washing between the toes, and wiped dry. If bruises and wounds are discovered after the walk, the paws should be washed thoroughly with clean water, wiped dry and treated with a solution or ointment containing polyvinylpyrrolidone iodine complex. For paw protection and care it is also recommended to use Evo-Fitosan ointment or Fitosano gel that strengthens the skin of pads and the skin between the toes making it more elastic and resistant to damage.