Ointment to maintain the skin health and to irritate peripheral nerve receptors for cows, horses, pigs, dogs, cats. For cows – against the udder diseases, mechanical, thermal and biological skin injuries. Can be used as a massage ointment in cases of joint, tendon, nerve and muscle inflammations.

Composition: oil extract of St.John’s-wort, beeswax, fir-tree resin pig fat extract.

Ointment Evo Fitosan softens skin, improves tissue blood supply, stimulates healing, has an antimicrobial activity. Greater reflexogenic activity is observed when Evo Fitosan is used as a massage ointment. It softens the skin and inhibits the progress of inflammation. St. John’s – wort extract acts against pus creating microorganisms, stimulates healing. Fir-tree resin pig fat extract improves the antimicrobial effect of the ointment, slightly irritates the skin, improving the blood supply.

There are no restrictions on the use of milk.