DIASTOP for dogs

Complementary feed in a liquid form to normalize digestion and in case of diarrhoea, dyspepsia, digestive disorders, as well as in case of gastrointestinal inflammation of nonspecific and infectious aetiology, advisable in combination with oral rehydration solutions.

Composition: water and propylene glycol extract of herbs: oak bark, St.John’s-wort, echinacea, marigold and camomile.

Additives: preservative: sodium benzoate.

Diastop works astringently, reduces irritation, intestinal spasms, bloat, inhibits the progress of inflammation, reduces the intoxication of body with endogenous or exogenous hazardous substances. Inhibits organism dehydration.

Use. For dogs 1 teaspoon/ 20 kg body weight 4 times a day.