Dietetic complementary feed for ruminants to normalize the content of cobalt in the body.

Composition: sodium chloride, magnesium chloride, distilled water. Analytical constituents: sodium 0,2%, magnesium 0,06%, chlorine 0,48%. Moisture content 98%.

Nutritional additive (trace element): cobalt 500 mg/kg (cobalt(II) sulphate heptahydrate, 3b305).

Administer in case of cobalt deficiency, growth and development depression without any clinically marked cause, anaemia, licking disease in cows, goats.

The amount of cobalt in the feed depends on the amount of it in soil and feed harvesting technologies, which might be highly different. In the organism cobalt is an essential component of vitamins and enzymes, its deficiency influences negatively health and productivity.

Use. For cows 20 ml, for sheep and goats 2 ml once a day for 30 consecutive days or 3 times for 10 days with a 10-day interval.

Avoid to exceed the maximum daily doses of trace element. Before using, it is recommended to have advice from a veterinarian concerning the balance of trace elements in the daily ration and the trace elements status of the herd.