Ltd. “Pharmacy laboratory of natural substances FITOSAN” is established in 1991.

Objectives of our work are already formulated in the title. “Natural substances”- it is an inexhaustible source of phyto-chemical, biologically active compounds, which, along with a chemical synthesis, may serve for health strengthening and animal’s productivity raise. “Pharmacy” – any product comes on the market in a standardized form; product development is based on pharmaceutical knowledge. “Laboratory” – emphasises the new and innovative product development.

Knowledge, interests and work experience of our employees have determined the aim of the company – developing and manufacturing products for veterinary use, including in composition as much natural substances as possible.

During thirty two years of our activity we have focused on two main directions.

Development and production of complementary feed for animals to preserve health and raise productivity.

In Latvia there are large, but still incompletely used natural sources. So far, little contaminated soil and moderately humid climate are very suitable to produce many plant-derived drugs and different phyto-chemical compounds. There are large forest verdure reserves (conifer needles, leaves, tree bark etc.). Bog peat is rich with humus acids and other biologically active substances.

Plant bioactive substances in animal feed and complementary feed are usually included together with mineral salts, trace elements, vitamins, amino acids, bee products, seed oils, animal fats. Such feed simultaneously normalizes several organism functions that are important for health and productivity. As a result, positive effect is long-lasting.

Livestock selection, improved feeding (mainly by increasing energy content in feed) and other advanced technologies have provided so far unseen rapid growth of young animals and chicken and increased productivity of dairy cows. Unfortunately, beside this, the risk factors are increased, which could reduce health and productivity, even cause illness. Products developed and produced by Ltd. “Pharmacy laboratory of natural substances FITOSAN” in many cases can normalize unwanted changes in animal metabolic processes and digestive system, thus providing appropriate productivity according to the animal potential.

Products of animal care

Animal breeding conditions and care technologies is far from perfect yet. Disease risks are increased because of high concentration of animals in productive animal husbandry, environmental pollution and other stress factors. The external environment is separated from body’s internal environment by strong barrier – skin. Only undamaged, healthy skin is able to fulfil its versatile functions. Ltd. “Pharmacy laboratory of natural substances FITOSAN” offers a wide range of products for skin care and health maintenance.