Complementary feed for dogs to strengthen musculoskeletal system and joint functions in cases of osteoarthritis, arthrosis, joint stiffness and hip joint dysplasia. The complementary feed normalizes metabolism and reduces risk of dysplasia in young dogs.

Artropurs C – complementary feed for dogs to decrease movement disorders and pain in joints, muscle and tendons. Use as an auxiliary preparation:

  • to decrease risk of hip joint dysplasia;
  • to decrease symptoms of joint inflammation (osteoarthritis), to inhibit development of degenerative changes (osteoarthrosis) in articular cartilage and subchondral bone tissue;
  • to decrease symptoms (inflammation, pain and swelling) of closed trauma (sprain, bruise and dislocation) in musculoskeletal system structures (joints, tendons, muscle, bone system) and to inhibit degenerative and proliferative processes;
  • to strengthen body after overwork in training, hunt or race, especially for less trained dogs.

Composition: pollen, glucosamine 21,7%, methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) 18% (sulphur 6,15%).

Nutritional additives: vitamins (g/kg): vitamin C 54, vitamin E 9; trace elements (mg/kg): zinc (zinc chelate of glycine, hydrate, 3b607) 9025, manganese (manganese chelate of glycine, hydrate, 3b506) 5054, copper (copper(II) chelate of glycine hydrate (solid), 3b413) 3176, cobalt (cobalt sulphate heptahydrate, 3b305) 317, selenium (sodium selenite, E8) 3,6.

Nutritional additives in 1 capsule: vitamins: vitamin C 30 mg, vitamin E 5 mg; trace elements: zinc (zinc chelate of glycine, hydrate, 3b607) 5 mg, manganese (manganese chelate of glycine, hydrate, 3b506) 2,8 mg, copper (copper(II) chelate of glycine hydrate (solid), 3b413) 1,76 mg, cobalt (cobalt sulphate heptahydrate, 3b305) 0,176 mg, selenium (sodium selenite, E8) 0,002 mg.

Composition analysis shows that the complementary feed, firstly, strengthens body, especially joints, cartilages and tendons that contain much elastic connective tissue, collagen, elastin and proteoglycans. In case of increased risk of hip joint dysplasia in young dogs, risk of illness reduces and disease progress slows down (glucosamine, MSM, vitamin E, pollen). Secondly, strengthens blood vessels, improves metabolism in skin, mucous membranes, nail and hair (ascorbic acid, zinc). Thirdly, decrease inflammation, also swelling and pain, restore functions (glucosamine, MSM). Fourthly, vitamins (ascorbic acid, vitamin E) and trace elements (zinc, selenium) inhibit destructive processes in tissue, improve regeneration, have antioxidant properties, protect liver cells (pollen).

In case of stronger pain the complementary feed does not replace analgesics and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, but can reduce their doses and inhibit progression of degenerative processes in joints.

Use. Add to feed 1 capsule / 20 kg body weight twice a day. On first 2 – 3 weeks dose can be increased till 3 – 4 capsules a day. Course 2 – 3 months.

Store in closed package in dry place away from direct sun light.